Dust control, privacy and security fencing for the mining and resources sector

Security fencing solutions for mine sites

Mine sites are often located in harsh environments and there are many potential hazardous, so the mining industry upholds rigorous safety standards.  SWI Fencing is experienced in providing fencing solutions for mine sites and is familiar with the major mining companies’ mobilisation requirements and procedures.

Mining activities produce dust through the disturbance and exposure of rocks and soil.  Mine vehicles and mining equipment also generate dust and fine particles.  SWI Fencing can provide dust control fencing to minimise dust and particle levels around mine sites to protect mine workers and neighbouring properties.

SWI Fencing can also provide privacy and security fencing solutions for mine sites including low, medium, and high-security solutions with anti-climb, anti-tamper, and vandal-proof options to prevent unauthorised access to mine sites to protect mining equipment, personnel and wildlife.

Why choose SWI Fencing?

  • Experienced in operating under appropriate mining management systems
  • In-house manufacturing and customisation
  • Long lasting and durable solutions for harsh environments
  • Professional well-equipped installation teams with onsite project management
  • Fully compliant with all relevant industry standards
  • Excellent safety record
  • Wide range of fencing solutions from standard perimeter fencing to high-security options including anti-dig, anti-climb, security mesh, reinforced, heavy-duty welds, barbed wire, spiked palings

Complete In-house Manufacturing

SWI Fencing manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for manufacturing and customising mesh, palings, posts, barriers, and rails.  Our state-of-the art facilities and rigorous quality control ensure all SWI Fencing products are manufactured to strict requirements.  We use only high quality materials to guarantee an exceptional finish.  Plus, having the latest machinery ensures an unmatched level of consistency.

SWI Fencing is equipped to manufacture fencing solutions for mine sites including dust control, privacy and security fencing.

Professional Installations

Our experienced project managers and site supervisors can facilitate the efficient installation of security fencing at mine sites in Western Australia, Victoria and NSW.

Our in-house manufacturing capability and stringent quality control measures ensure all components are a seamless fit.  Plus, our teams are equipped with the best automated machinery and efficient installation methods to ensure your security fencing project is completed on time and on budget, including in remote locations and harsh environments.

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