Choosing chainmesh for your fencing project

Chainmesh fencing, otherwise known as chain link, chain wire or cyclone mesh fencing is produced by intertwining vertical wires into a diamond pattern. Chainmesh fencing is one of the most widely used security solutions on the market.

Due to its strength and durability, chainmesh offers an excellent medium security option for a range of applications. Adding barbed wire to the top discourages attempts to breach the fence. Proper installation is required to ensure a strong foundation and maximum durability.

SWI Fencing manufactures and installs chainlink fencing to the relevant Australian Standards so you can be assured of a quality final product.

Part 1: Security fences and gates- AS 1725.1-2010
Part 2: Tennis court fencing commercial- AS 1725.2-2010
Part 3: Tennis court fencing private/residential- AS 1725.3-2010
Part 4: Cricket net fencing enclosures- AS 1725.4-2010
Part 5: Sports ground fencing- AS 1725.5-2010


Chainmesh fencing is offered in aluminium, galvanized (zinc-coated) steel or PVC-coated steel.

PVC coating makes the steel highly resistant to rust increasing durability in harsh weather conditions. It is also the material of choice for schools as well as playing courts including tennis courts, hockey courts and cricket nets.

Galvanized steel is the most popular metal used in chainmesh fencing. The zinc coating adds a protective layer to the steel to prevent corrosion.

Aluminium chainmesh is lightweight, corrosion-resistant. It is more durable than galvanized steel, but also more expensive. All our chainmesh is manufactured from Australian made feed wire for guaranteed quality and durability.


The gauge is the thickness of the metal used in the fencing. The two most common wire sizes used are 2.5mm and 3.15mm.

Aperture size

The size of the spaces within the wire mesh has an impact on the strength and integrity of the fence. Fencing with a smaller diameter mesh is stronger than fencing with larger diameter mesh, but smaller diameter mesh has higher material costs. Chainmesh comes standard with a 50mm diamond aperture but we offer a range of sizes from 25mm, 32mm, 38mm or 45mm. The smaller diamond chainmesh is especially useful when used as a barrier for ball protection on golf courses and hockey pitches.

Talk to security fencing specialists at SWI Fencing for advice on the most suitable metal, gauge and size of chainmesh for your project.

Chainmesh fencing is one of the most commonly used products for preventing unauthorised access to industrial and commercial properties. It is a hardwearing option for providing a secure perimeter.

Applications include:

  • Mine sites
  • Construction sites
  • Sporting fields
  • Factories
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Car parks
  • Warehouses
  • Railway reserves

Complete In-house Manufacturing

SWI Fencing manufactures chainmesh fencing in a range of options from 0.9m to 3.6m high. The most common specification is 1.8m high with three rows of barbed wire installed on top. This option offers excellent security for industrial and commercial establishment.

Our state-of-the art facilities and rigorous quality control ensure all SWI Fencing products are manufactured to strict requirements. We use only high quality materials to guarantee an exceptional finish. Plus, having the latest machinery ensures an unmatched level of consistency.

Professional Installations

SWI Fencing offers custom fabrication and installation. We have professional crews working in teams of two to 25, depending on the site and job requirements. To maximise efficiency, we always have supervisors on site.

Customer service is important to us and our professionals will work closely with you to deliver your fencing project.

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